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Every child deserves a forever, loving family.

Our firm is very passionate about adoption and loves to help complete families through the adoption process.

Family law is mostly known for litigating divorces and settling child custody battles, but there is much more to it. Family law is an area of practice that helps loving couples through the often painful and complex process of adopting a child. The Ohio adoption process can be very tricky, and If your family is looking to grow through adoption, then Galloway Law, LLC can advise you through the process. Our firm is very passionate about adoption and loves to help complete families through the adoption process. You can contact the offices of Galloway Law at (614) 884-3878 or at for an adoption attorney so we can begin the process with you.


If you are looking to adopt a child who is in the custody of the county or state, or are interested in making an arrangement directly with the child’s birth parents, then an adoption lawyer at Galloway Law, LLC can answer questions you may have. 

Often prospective adoptive parents need help navigating the legal process once they are matched with a birth parent. We recommend hiring a lawyer months before a baby is born to start the pre-placement/adoption process!

Once the child is adopted, the birth parents no longer have a legal right to visit the child, obligation to support the child, and the child can no longer inherit anything from their natural parents. In effect, private adoption terminates any legal relationship between the child and the birth parents. After that point, a new birth certificate will be issued by the county listing the adoptive parents, and the child will be eligible to inherit through the adoptive parents. Within 15 days of the adoption, the birth father must register with the ​​Ohio Putative Father Registry.

Bringing a new baby into your home is exciting but certainly inspires many legal questions. Galloway Law, LLC is ready to answer those questions and to ensure that your private adoption goes as smoothly as possible so you can focus on expanding the love in your family. 


Our lawyers will ensure that all the adoption paperwork is completed and work with your adoption agency to ensure that your final adoption hearing runs smoothly!


Our legal representation provides advice on Ohio law regarding biological parents’ consent and will help stepparents tackle the adoption process!

If your spouse wants to become the parent of your biological child, then stepparent adoption may be the right choice for your family. With this type of adoption, the adoptive stepparent is given the legal right to make medical decisions and sign documents for the child. If the relationship between the married couples ends at any time after the adoption has been finalized, the adoptive parent is also potentially entitled to equal legal custody under the law.


Our firm provides representation for legal custodians who have received custody through juvenile court. We will provide legal advice on Ohio law regarding biological parents’ consent and the custodial adoption process. 

If you’ve taken on the role of primary caretaker, then we can also prepare you for what to expect during the home study process. The Probate Court requires home visits where an accessor visits your residence to ensure that it is suitable and safe for the child to live there. Adopting a child in your custody is an exciting opportunity. Galloway Law, LLC would be happy to speak with you about the state and county laws related to your custody adoption. 


Our firm provides representation for legal custodians who have received custody through juvenile court. We will provide advice on Ohio law regarding biological parents’ consent and the custodial adoption process. If you’re in need of legal representation in Columbus OH, contact us today!

If you are considering a grandparent adoption, you must have the consent of the child’s biological parents. Another way to be approved for adoption is if the parents fail to contact the child for a full year before the adoption petition is filed or if they do not pay court-ordered child support for a full year before the adoption petition is filed. Attorneys at Galloway Law LLC, can help you navigate this process. 



Once biological parents’ rights are terminated through juvenile court, our firm finalizes the adoption process for foster to adopt or prospective adoptive parents. In most cases, the legal fees are covered by the non-recurring adoption expense!


Our firm understands the difficulties that birth parents face when deciding whether or not to place their child for an adoption agency. It is one of the most challenging decisions that a parent will ever make. We are committed to making sure that birth parents understand their rights. We take the time to explain the adoption process and make sure that birth parents understand the finality of terminating their parental rights. Our firm has completed numerous permanent surrenders for adoption agencies throughout Ohio. 


Adult adoptions occur when a child emancipates and wishes to be adopted by a stepparent or relative! But there are many other reasons you may consider adopting an individual who is age 18 or older. One of the most common reasons is to legally and formally recognize a relationship that has already existed between the parent and the child. This opens up the adopted adult to benefits usually only reserved for family members, such as inheritances from the adopted parent. Another reason is to provide the adopted adult with health insurance and protection if they have a disability. Upon finalizing their adoption, the newly legal family member with a permanent or intellectual disability can receive the care they need under the family insurance.

Under Ohio law, adult adoption is permitted in cases when an adult has already established a relationship with their adoptive parents through foster care or as a stepchild of the adoptive parent when the adult was still a minor, as long as the adult child consents to being adopted.

Adopting an adult can also formalize an existing stepparent/stepchild relationship, bringing closure to a long process as well as bringing a family closer together.  

Under a 2011 law, an adult may be adopted by their parent’s spouse with the adoptee’s consent. Previously, the Ohio law did not allow for this unless the adoptee had already established a parent/child relationship while they were still a minor. This is beneficial when a parent remarries, and the new spouse has an adult child who wants to be legally and formally recognized as part of the new family.


Many adoptive parents who finalize their adoption internationally are looking to “readopt” in Ohio. Our firm understands this legal process and is happy to assist! 

A readoption cements the parent-child relationship under Ohio laws. There are a few reasons to consider readoption in Columbus Ohio. First, things can always change in other countries, including their relationship with the U.S. It is not uncommon for foreign orphanages to be shut down. When you readopt in Ohio, you prevent these factors from affecting your family or status with your child. Another benefit to readoption is the receipt of an official certificate of foreign birth, an invaluable document you will need to provide to schools, medical offices, and even government offices. Should you or your child, later in life, lose their Ohio certificate, it will be much easier to receive a replacement. Our clients also reach out to us when they have questions about their adopted child’s citizenship. Call our office today to set up your consultation with an experienced adoption attorney at Galloway Law, LLC.


Having the right legal assistance on your side can ensure the adoption process runs smoothly and efficiently. If you’re looking for an experienced adoption attorney to begin guiding you through this process, contact us today.

Family law is a very complex and complicated area of Ohio law, but it can also be one of the most emotional areas of the law.  With a combined 15 years of experience working in adoption law, Galloway Law, LLC has worked in all aspects of Family Law, including juvenile law, divorce, dissolution, parent coordination, mediation, grandparent visitation, and prenuptial agreements. When it comes to Ohio adoption law, Galloway Law, LLC has adoption lawyers that know the processes and have earned the respect of their peers in the local courts. For issues related to adoption, call Galloway Law, LLC to schedule your consultation.

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I contacted several attorneys about the process of adopting my adult step-son, with just a few minutes of conversation with Britani I knew she was the attorney I needed. Very personable, relaxed and friendly. So often attorneys can be rushed and rather rude, but she spoke like we were friends. She covered all the possible concerns, how the process worked and the timeframe, explaining every detail. This should have been an easy process and it was with her. The other attorneys wanted to treat this as an adoption as is done with a minor child, with all the additional costs which put this way out of my price range. Britani understood our reason for doing this and knew what procedures would not be needed or required by the courts. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and will definitely keep her in mind for future needs.

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Britani was an awesome lawyer. She made everything easy. She helped me adopt my step daughter. One of the greatest days of my life. She is very caring and an awesome lady! Highly recommended!