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Dissolving a marriage by agreement.

Not all marital separations are lengthy and contentious. Our firm has years of experience guiding parties through the process of terminating their marriage by agreement.


Dissolutions are typically the most amicable and efficient way to terminate a marriage. Galloway Law, LLC has finalized countless dissolutions. Our lawyers ensure that our clients understand their rights regarding their assets and debts when drafting their separation agreements. Our attorneys facilitate the negotiation process, draft documents such as separation agreements and parenting plans, and handle all final hearing preparations. 

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At Galloway Law, LLC, our attorneys are passionate about families and children. We take pride in our reputation and are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first. Our attorneys are reliable, compassionate and direct. If you are looking for attorneys who are experienced and will be in your corner, feel free to call us today!

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Client review of Columbus, Ohio law firm, Galloway Law

Britani made me feel good about making the final decisions in my case yet didn’t allow me to get myself into a corner.