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Family is not an important thing. It is everything.

Our attorneys understand the importance of family. They are dedicated to navigating families through their most troublesome life moments.


Under Ohio law, when a biological mother is not married, the Mother automatically has sole custody. Our firm represents parents who are looking to establish their parental rights, parenting time, etc. and to defend those rights. 

Grandparent rights

Grandparents do have rights regarding their grandchildren under Ohio Law. Our firm represents Grandparents who want to establish set  visitation with their grandchildren. 

Abuse, Neglect, Dependency

We represent parents who are dealing with child protective services whether their children are still residing in their home or in foster care/kinship care.

If you are searching for an experienced and compassionate Columbus attorney who puts your child’s needs first, contact our office at (614) 884-3878 to schedule an appointment.

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At Galloway Law, LLC, our attorneys are passionate about families and children. We take pride in our reputation and are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first. Our attorneys are reliable, compassionate and direct. If you are looking for attorneys who are experienced and will be in your corner, feel free to call us today!

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Client Reviews

Client review of Columbus, Ohio law firm, Galloway Law

We have worked with Ms. Galloway for 6 years. Firstly with a visitation arrangement that required parameters such as drug testing. Ms. Galloway was able to end visitation with a phone call. When later confronted by the same party Ms Galloway suggested we go for adoption instead of play defense. This was the right call as she won this case for us as well. When she argued our case in front of the judge she barely needed to look at her notes, she knew our case and the facts that mattered the most. For family law, I would hire Britani without hesitation.

Client review of Columbus, Ohio law firm, Galloway Law

Kind, Considerate, Compassionate, Knowledgeable. In August of 2010, I hired Britani Galloway to help me obtain full custody of my four grandchildren. Britani worked tirelessly and navigated a complex system which took us through 2 different courts and 22 months. In the end, I was able to retain permanent custody of my oldest granddaughter. If you hire Britani Galloway you will always be secure that every step was taken. Britani goes above the definition of an attorney and I have always felt that she truly cares. The safety and well-being of children is Britani's passion. She will stop at nothing to make that happen.
Talk to other Attorneys and then seek a consultation with Britani Galloway. Immediately you will feel her warmth and know that you are in good hands!