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Sometimes peaceful conflict resolution is the goal.

Many times conflict arises not by disagreement, but by the failure to understand one another. When our attorneys serve as mediators, they help parties reach an understanding and determine agreeable solutions through negotiations without taking sides.


Mediation is a voluntary process in which a third party neutral, the mediator, assists the parties to a dispute in crafting a resolution that is acceptable to both sides.

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To learn more, please visit the Supreme Court of Ohio Dispute Resolution Section here

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At Galloway Law, LLC, our attorneys are passionate about families and children. We take pride in our reputation and are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first. Our attorneys are reliable, compassionate and direct. If you are looking for attorneys who are experienced and will be in your corner, feel free to call us today!

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Client review of Columbus, Ohio law firm, Galloway Law

Britani was very helpful with navigating the ins/outs of both divorce and custody. She was clear with giving me legal precedent or her expert opinion. Britani made me feel good about making the final decisions in my case yet didn’t allow me to get myself into a corner.

Client review of Columbus, Ohio law firm, Galloway Law

I hired Britani to help me with my divorce. She handled the legal aspects of my case with care. She was trustworthy, kind, and I knew she was supporting me. She was timely in communicating with me and provided me with everything I needed. She kept me updated on the process and I rarely had to follow up - she was always one step ahead of me.